Our monthly service is always much more than just a ‘search engine submission and resubmission’ service. We continuously monitor and optimise (optimize) your page content and structure to keep both the search engines and your potential customers happy. We work with copywriting skills, click-path analysis, link building and advertising skills to bring relevant, qualified leads to your business.

The monthly plans are entirely performance based, and there are no minimum periods. Performance goals can be set based upon average visibility across a number of agreed target keywords, but only after a completed Keyword Analysis. Plans may be cancelled in writing, although incomplete months are charged as full months

The difference between the Basic and Standard/Premium expenditure is that in the Standard/Premium, extra funds per quarter are set aside purely for marketing the site. Since, in the Basic plan, much is taken up in pure analysis, reporting, and resubmissions/administration, there is a need to invest additional funds if one wishes to substantially increase the depth of visibility (ie more keywords than 8) or improve existing rankings or overall visibility. Since the average website is found by several hundred distinct keyword phrases, keyword depth is important. The extra quarterly investment will buy between 4 or 12 hours of work optimising existing pages or recommending additional page content affecting aditional keywords or link building to improve link popularity or overall Internet exposure.

With the Standard/Premium plans, there is an option of investing an additional amount in Pay-For-Inclusion/Pay-For-Performance search services like Yahoo/Overture so that more pages are indexable more often, thereby gaining quicker results when monthly changes are made to pages. Amounts not used in a given month due to better results obtained elsewhere, can be rolled forward and/or reinvested elsewhere.
If you still wish to know a little more about the how and why of optimising pages for search engines you may find our search engines page helpful.


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