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How Does Social Media Marketing & Facebook Advertising Really Work?

Social media marketing agencies using advertising platforms have been around for just under two decades, with the earliest ones including Faceparty (a small UK based platform) and Myspace (the global alternative). In the early days, when social activities were still young, these platforms were often used by those wanting to keep in touch with friends and family; or get to know other people online a long time before they were used by SEO companies for marketing.

Since then a host of other platforms have popped up and many of them now boast their own collections of millions of users – plenty of which make use of several social media websites at a time.

Although they were initially intended to help individuals to correspond with one another, interact with their peers and share information on themselves and their lifestyles – it didn’t take long before a professional angle was introduced. Nowadays, social media marketing offers businesses of all sizes a unique way to introduce potential customers to their services, promote their products to large marketplaces and maximise their audience engagement online; all of which can lead to a substantial increase in sales and profits.

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How Do These Platforms Work?

Whenever a person signs up to a website like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, they will be creating an online profile. This profile can be used for personal purposes or professional ones – and some sites like Facebook even allow their users to create several online presences. As far as a company is concerned, being able to develop their own page to reflect and promote their services can be a huge advantage.

The more people are attracted by what the company has to offer, the greater the potential to improve profits can be.

This is why so many businesses turn to social media to help them to market to a particular audience base; one that might otherwise be unobtainable. There are those that don’t use the internet for anything other than interacting with their peers online, whilst others will make use of search engines to find what they are looking for.

By utilising a range of channels, a company will be putting itself in a much better position to reap the rewards offered by the individual solutions. This means that if a company focused on SEO, it would be able to target particular keywords in an effort to reach a certain base of customers. If they were to turn to social media advertising on the other hand, they would instead have the option to reach a user-base that will already be used to seeing banners and advertisements on their social media pages.

Furthermore, social media websites offer a range of ways to advertise. Twitter for example, offers a real-time solution to those willing to put the effort in and promote their products and services. Facebook on the other hand offers options for businesses to market their services to a particular demographic, or to display visual advertisements that are static in nature, in a bid to attract new audiences.